About Us

We have one goal – to bring happiness, colorfulness, and life inside homes.
Home must be a power source for the people who live in it, a place to relax and reload your energies. From within myself, I finally understood what I need to do – to create, and indeed when I create my art every day, I feel just in the right place in the world. We manufacture products that bring happiness and a live spirit to every place they are hanged in. The products are unique, special and feeling like magic in every location: living rooms, bathrooms, patio, in the backyard or right next to the front door, literally everywhere you want. They are an amazing combination with amazing colors and a good relaxation.

Rasmy Home Decors is 3years old now…started in the year 2015. It all started with a lot of beads, and the passion to create something that no one has ever done, something special….


We Deliver Globally ! National (INDIA) & International Exports (Worldwide).