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Beaded Curtain,Glass Prisms-Handmade Curtain-Beaded Door Curtain-Hanging Door Bead-Beaded Wall Hanging-Bohemian Wall Art-Hippie Bead Curtain

₹ 5,999.00 ₹ 3,999.00


  • Materials: metal wire, vintage bead, crystals, indian bead, glass bead
  • Package contents: 10 strings of 5ft height
  • Can Be Perfect Decoration For showrooms, hotels, restaurants, resorts, All The Wedding Parties & Festivals Events Inside Or Outside Of The Site.
  • very attractive and beautiful strand to decorate sitting room, open kitchen, porch partition spaces
  • Add a sophisticated glimmer to your decor with this really unique and multi-purpose door/window covering. It’s perfectly suitable any room or window size. It features 10 garlands of shiny glass beads and also evil eye beads. Top of each string we give big openable ring which you can put directly in any curtain rod. You dont need to install anything extra to install this curtain.


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