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Rasmy Home Decors Customized Crystal Beads Curtain- Window Curtain-Beaded door Curtain-Hanging Door Beads-Beaded wall Hanging-Bohemian art 30 STRINGS ( White & Red)

₹ 12,999.00 ₹ 8,999.00

What we love about Bead Curtains is that they not only allow for a play with color, light and texture, but also enable us to create natural connectors between spaces. They have the ability to create privacy without disconnecting an area from the rest of the house, office, bar, hotel, home or restaurant. Beaded curtains are a unique lifestyle and fashion statement. We love to work one on one with every client and provide unique solutions to your interior needs through our bead curtains. Bead curtains that can be room dividers, screens, room separators, murals, moving art pieces, door curtains, window curtains. This product we make in various sizes and colors so you can choose one for your required space. Please inform us if you want to further customize it.

This listing includes 30 strings

Material: High quality acrylic Beads (16mm), Glass Drops (40mm)

Additional Notes: This product can be ordered in different color combinations and sizes. Please contact us if you need a different size or color


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